Past friendships:

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I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about relationships. There have been some relationships that I had lost in 2019 and I’m wondering if I should mend those relationships. But if truth be told some of those relationships should have ended a long time ago. Not everyone is supposed to be with you always. But there is one relationship that I have really been thinking about. This person was my best friend and now we no longer talk. I’m not sure what happened but somewhere along the line we just drifted apart. I know that there is a season in life, but this one is a hard pill to swallow. I’m a very loyal person when it comes to friendships and coming into contact with you. I’m learning that as I get older there are some relationships that are worth holding on to and some relationships that I need to let go of. This is something that I really need to pray about.

5 thoughts on “Past friendships:

  1. Loyalty is one of the most valuable qualities in any kind of relationship. I agree not everyone is meant to be your friend forever. We go so wrapped up in finding that friend who think will be with us through thick and thin and simply wanting that ideal to fit in that we let a lot of things slide. We also let great people go when the relationship goes through conflict. It’s important for anyone to have people in their space that they can trust, so how much more important is for us as Believers? We must surround ourselves with like-minded people and be around those who uphold our personal values.

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  2. The drift could have been God appointed. I realized most people were just for a season. Weather we ended on a good note or indifferent, I learned something from that person. Pray about it since it’s bothering you. Be the bigger person and reach out first. If you get the same feeling, Prob best to let go. God will replace. Blessings to you

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