Worried: Update

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I just want to give you an update regarding yesterday. So like I said I’ve had two mammograms done in my life before and there was no pain. But yesterday a mammogram was very painful along with the sonogram. What I don’t like is when they give you generic information. Okay, I’m glad that I don’t have cancer but why am I having so much pain? Well, I should find out later today hopefully. I’m thankful for the doctor who spoke to me after my sonogram but you need to work on your bedside manner. Not everyone who comes to get a mammogram has cancer. How do I know well the lady who was waiting on her sonogram with me told me that this is her second mammogram and sonogram this year because of a cyst and her breast tissue has damage. Don’t get me wrong I do have a family history of breast cancer and women who have dense breast tissue it’s harder to detect breast cancer. But why don’t they say if they found a cyst or anything else? I’m just frustrated right now and still in pain. Anyone else ever experiences anything like this before?

11 thoughts on “Worried: Update

  1. I had a similar problem with breast pain. They found out I was drinking too much tea, 3 to 4 cups a day (caffeine) which was causing the pain (I love drinking tea). Stopped the tea pain eventually went away. I have returned to drinking tea, but I limit myself to no more than one cup a day.

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  2. Yes, naturally the technicians can’t and won’t tell you anything, and the doctors will say eventually when you have already cried a hundred tears. Cysts are very painful when squeezed and crushed by the mammogram at least this was my experience. No comments were given me until weeks later after I had come to terms with my own mortality. God bless you.

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