Photo by Juan Pablo Serrano Arenas on Pexels.com

As I woke up this morning, my mind turned to the rain. I love the sound of the rain it’s so calming. But today the rain isn’t so calming because I have to have a mammogram and sonogram on my breast today. Usually, I wouldn’t be worried because I’ve had a mammogram for two years now. But this is different because I’ve been having some pain and my doctor and I have felt something in my breast that needs to be checked out ASAP. So while it’s pouring down raining I have to leave and drive in it with my mind troubled. I know that this to shall pass, but I’m worried. If your reading this please keep me in prayer. Thank you.

13 thoughts on “Worried:

  1. Father you said that you grace is sufficient for us and your strength is made perfect in our weakness. So we ask that you undergird her right now and embrace her so that she knows that you are with her, whatever. We pray that there will be a good report, even in spite of the feelings, and if not, that you will keep her in perfect peace as the issue is dealt with. In Jesus’ name who is still able to heal, Amen.

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