Put the phone down:

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So something has been bothering me. I want to do better as a person and when it comes to my marriage. But one thing that I’ve noticed is that when we talk or are watching movies we both or I am on my phone. I don’t like that one bit, because I feel like I’m not giving my husband 100% of my time and attention. Well, that is about to change because as of today when we are spending time together the phone will be down and he will have my undivided attention. I miss the days were our phones weren’t a factor and spending uninterrupted time with people was so important. Well, I’m bringing that back. I’ll let you know how it goes. Who else put’s down the phone and have one on one conversations?

5 thoughts on “Put the phone down:

  1. Phones have become such a huge issue in our society. When I am out with friends, family and my partner…. I put the phone away. When I am at home I leave my in the bedroom and do not look at it till the later evening. It has become an addiction as all electronics create addictions. Individuals hear addiction and believe it to be alcohol, cigarettes or drugs but that is not true. You can be addicted to positive things such as working out, cleaning, washing and so forth! Due to access to information all of us are becoming addicted to needing to know!!! So that is a fantastic plan!!!

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  2. My husband and I have just had this conversation too. We thought we were having problems in our relationship and not spending enough time together which may be true in some respects but we found the biggest problem was the phones and laptops.

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