Why do I feel this way:

Yesterday I felt sad for some reason, even after I had prayed and mediated. Then this morning I woke up with the same feeling. Not sure what’s going on. I know that I have been dealing with a lot of emotions as I’m working on myself. But I’m not sure that’s what it is. To be honest I don’t know why I feel the way I do. Has anyone ever experience anything like this?

8 thoughts on “Why do I feel this way:

  1. When I feel that way even after I pray and talk openly with God, I know it’s something deeper that I need to tackle. I have depression but I can almost always trace it back to a trigger in my day that brought on the feeling. You said you are working on yourself, there may be some deeper issue trying to present itself to you. Keep praying on it and ask for clarity on that specifically.


  2. This can happen. I too have experienced this before, but asked God to intervene. He did and I was delivered from those feelings. You’re on the right track. Regroup and cast ALL your cares to God because He cares for you.

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  3. Yes I have and like isurrender2jesus said I enquired of God and Holy Spirit brought back to my remembrance something that happened around that time that was saddening. I became aware that life is cyclical and in that case I worked through that issue. But every case is different. Maybe it’s just an attack and I’ve found that speaking out loud against the feeling, speaking the Word that cancels it makes a difference – especially if there is not any other identifiable reason for the feelings.

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      1. That’s great. I think the one thing to remember is that just like with Jesus in the wilderness, the enemy leaves you for a while, but he comes back because he doesn’t like progress in the right direction. So when it seems as if things are going well, that is the time to fortify yourself with prayer and the word etc so that when he comes back you don’t lose any grounds that you’ve gained. I’m taking this for myself as well. Thanks for the post.

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