I don’t know how to say this
So I’m just going to speak from the heart
I know that you were the man for me right from the start
Your love and support I took for granted from the start
I’ve been hurt so many times I couldn’t see the real from the fake
You’ve proven yourself to me, and I made the mistake of hurting your feelings and heart
You stayed by my side no matter how I tried to push you away
Your love is true and authenticates what more can I say
Can a man truly love a woman with so many flaws
You provide the answer is yes, and now I understand
What it feels like to be truly loved by a man
I want to say thank you for all the times you stuck by me
I’m lucky to have a man like you, who loves me through and through
No matter what happens in my life I know you will have my back
I’m glad God picked you to be just for me, no more blinders on my eyes can see
I finally know what true love looks like, I’m like a bird on a branch and I’m ready to take flight
So thank you again for being by my side no more doubts and fears when it comes to your love for me

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