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L-O-V-E this four-letter word holds so much power. What does this word mean? According to google the word love means an intense feeling of deep affection. Why do people use it so loosely? And why do some not use it at all? The word love to me is powerful, just because you say you love someone doesn’t mean your in love with that person. I can love someone like a brother or sister. You can have a love for someone or something. But I know that we all love someone or something. But we are not all in love with someone or something. When you say the word I love you make sure that the person that you say it to understands your meaning. It’s nice to have someone love you, but it’s even greater to have someone in love with you. I’ve noticed that this little word has the power to make or break a relationship if you don’t know the meaning. So next time you say I love you to someone make sure you tell the other person what you mean.

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  1. I can never decide whether it’s too bad or just perfect that English does not have separate words for romantic love, family-and-friends love, and love of something or activity. I know there are other languages that do. On the one hand, the specificity would be nice, but having that lack of distinction also gives us an opportunity to explain our feelings in more detail.

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