How I’m doing:

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I know some of you are wondering how I’m doing, well, to be honest, I’m doing great. I know that this year has just started and you know that I have been dealing with a lot. But the key to me doing great is that I’m taking it one day at a time. One step at a time. I’m not trying to rush anything. One thing that I realized about myself is that past issues have caused me a lot of pain that I wasn’t willing to deal with, but now I am. The fact that I don’t have a job right now has allowed me to take time to work on me and heal wounds. But I’m looking for a job because doesn’t grow on trees. I’m learning to have patience with myself as well as others. I feel like my tiny steps are helping me grow and do things a lot better. I’m a work in progress and I will get there.

6 thoughts on “How I’m doing:

  1. Hello cfoster20 I have read your post I would encourage you to spend quality time in God’s presence. No one come in contact with Jesus Christ and remain the same. This is not even about feeling make it your daily task and watch the progress. Have a bless day.

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  2. Good day. It seems like your starting off right. Yes, while your searching for employment take the time you have to heal. Spend time sitting quietly. Creat a gratitude journal. Most importantly take this time for you🙏

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