Marriage: Part 2

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I love talking with people about marriage because I love to get their perspectives. I spoke with an older couple about marriage and her words just blew me away. One thing that she said was to make your marriage your own. No one knows how to be married when they get married. But they know what type of relationship they have with their spouse. You need to make your marriage all about you two and not what you have seen from your marriage or other couples. She said that communication is so important because your spouse can’t read your mind. You two need to go in the same direction and not in the opposite direction. You two must respect one another, don’t let any outside forces try to have an opinion or try to ruin your relationship. Always have time for yourself. It’s important to keep your marriage fresh and to learn something new about each other. But more importantly, keep your marriage between the two of you. Everyone is going to have an opinion about your marriage but you know the truth. She also told me every month her husband would buy her flowers and either write her letters, poems or buy her cards. Never forget why you fell in love, to begin with. Life is going to get hard, kids will come and go and things are going to happen. But the one thing to remember is your in this together.

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