Rebirth of me:

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It’s time to bring me back. 2020 is going to be the rebirth of me. No more hiding my feelings, no more giving my all to people. I’m taking me back with a vengeance. I have always been there to help others succeed, dream and listen to. I have given and given and the disappointments are exhausting. Welp, no more I’m coming back. My light has been dimed but no more. No more being hurt by words, no more helping others just for them to not help me. No more sacrificing my time and energy for them. Hello Me I’m BACK. And I’m not going anywhere ever again. Hello me good to have you back I have missed you like crazy. 2020 is about to be a great year for me I don’t know about other’s but I’m back.

4 thoughts on “Rebirth of me:

  1. As a people pleaser there is emotional exhaustion that comes with it. Always seeking the approval of others. In 2020 it’s time to start standing up for myself. This doesn’t mean I become selfish or rude to people but it does mean that I acknowledge that my needs and opinions matter.

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