Are people toxic?:

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Okay here is a silly question: can people be toxic? I mean can they make you sick? I know that people can stress you out, give you headaches and heartaches. But are people toxic? Or do we allow ourselves to become toxic because of them? Have you ever been fine one moment and then being around someone causes you to feel sick? I wonder do people find joy in creating havoc in peoples lives? Could it be other’s or could it be us? Do we allow them to make us sick or should we not let ourselves get to that point? Just curious that’s all. So are people toxic?

8 thoughts on “Are people toxic?:

  1. What a good question! I think the answer is yes. I say this because I have found myself affected by how people act and the things they do (both in a physical and emotional way). I have seen others affected through my own actions and the things I do… So, yes, unfortunately I think some are toxic. But they CAN change!

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  2. Good question. I think it is important to differentiate between toxic people and toxic relationships. I do think there are toxic people who are that way with everyone. There are also relationships that become toxic but the people involved are not necessarily that way with all people.

    I like to remember what Charles Swindoll said- the only thing I have control over is my attitude. I can’t control other people whether they are healthy people or toxic people. I can only control my response. Sadly, there are a few people I have cut out of my life because there was no other choice. I still pray for them though.

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  3. I think it’s a very paradoxical kind of situation. You see when someone is toxic to us, i feel the person does feel it but is in a state of mind where he or she has a refusal towards acceptance of criticism and taking a step towards change. The same occurs with us. Sometimes we don’t even realize we are being toxic to someone but when confronted we seem to not accept it because it hurts our self respect and ego. This is how the chain goes on continuing.

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  4. I think it can be that people are toxic, but I also think that we don’t have to let their toxicity get to us by either not being in contact with them, limiting contact with them, or finding a way to detach from the toxicity if we have to be around them. We don’t have to let toxic people affect us, but it can be very difficult so we have to decide how we will deal with it in a way that serves us. Sometimes it’s interactions between two people that become toxic because the two people are incompatible. I’m still learning on this involved subject!

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