Looking back:

Photo by KIM DAE JEUNG on Pexels.com

I’m looking back at 2019 knowing that in 2020 I’m going to do things so much differently. 2019 brought a lot of unnecessary pain and sadness. 2019 I should have left some things and people behind. But I didn’t because I was afraid. But I’m learning to protect myself and my peace so much. But in 2019 I wasn’t so sure about myself and how I was going to make it, but one thing that I forgot is that God will always be here for me. 2019 I had to release some pain and try to learn how to manage that pain. My outlook on life is so different now. 2019 isn’t over yet but me not being happy and enjoying the people that I’m with is. Life is way to short to tolerate people who don’t want to change.

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