My time:

I’m an impatient person. I wish God would give me everything that I want now. But here’s why God isn’t going to give me everything that I want now. It’s because I won’t appreciate it. Yes if I had everything that I want I would not appreciate it and probably want more. Yes, there are things that I feel like I need and want now. But I need to learn how to be patient and wait on the Lord. When I take things into my own hands they don’t go the way that I want them to. Since I left my job I’m learning to wait on God. I don’t want to take just any job. I want a job where I’m respected, appreciated and valued as a person. Since I have been off work I’ve grown in so many ways. If I would have just taken any job I wouldn’t be where I am now. My joy and happiness are on another level. I appreciate this time to just get me together. Even though I’m unemployed I’m in a way better space. I appreciate my husband supporting me during this time and being the provider for our family. Take the time to appreciate your time and peace.

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