Who am I?

Photo by Maria Tyutina on Pexels.com

I’m on this journey of discovering myself. Next year I’m going to be an empty nester. So right now I feel like I need to find something to do or even my identity. I know I’m a wife, mother, sister, and friend. But who am I outside of those things? That I’m not sure. I know what I love to do, but who am I really without any of those things. I feel like I’m not sure, to be honest. Right now this is what I’m trying to find out. It’s sad that outside of these things I don’t know who I am. Has anyone else struggle with this? I need my own identity.

5 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. Finding an identity is so hard. It almost feels cliche when we talk about it but it’s so true. I’d start with a new hobby, something that Sparks joy in your life and branch off from there. I’m a mom with two little kids and even I struggle with an identity. Good luck!

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