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Every morning I always drink my tea and read my devotionals. And it was interesting that one of my devotionals touched on the past. If you want to know what your future will be ( if you don’t make any changes) then look at your past. That really struck a cord with me because I have been making it my mission to really change my life. There are so many things that I want to do differently in my life. I don’t want certain things in my life to stay the same. Change is good and very much needed. There have been people who have asked me why am I so determined to change? Well my answer was easy. I want my life to be different. I want to be different. I want my to create a better me. I’m not looking to change anyone but myself. I have been doing the same thing expecting different results. But that never happens. But the small things that I’m doing now has made me so happy and I’m loving this new women that I’m becoming. If I’m smiling and I’m making other’s smile I’m happy. Change looks good on me.

2 thoughts on “Change:

  1. I support you in making change. I started my journey to be a better me and it’s working wonders in my life. As for the people around me I had to give up certain relationships that didn’t help me to grow

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