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As I’ve been working on myself there is one thing that I’ve always wanted to try. I’ve heard people talk about meditation. I’ve tried it like for a couple of days but was to busy to continue. And the more I have read about it and all the benefits that it has. Well, I’m going to try it and stick with it. Since I left work I feel a lot calmer, happier and all-around relaxed. I’m doing more around the house and loving it. Usually, I would complain about all there is to do around the house but right now I enjoy it. Something about being able to breathe again just feels good. So I’m going to start meditating and see how it helps me be a better me. Does anyone meditate? Any tips?

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  1. That’s great that you want to start meditating regularly! I’ve been meditating pretty much daily for a year now and it’s been a game-changer! I started using mediation apps (Waking up by Sam Harris; 10% Happier). Later, I did a retreat and that really did it for me. You can read more details in my first blog post or go directly to the organization where I did the retreat (donation basis): Best wishes, Thomas 🙂

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  2. I was never able to get into sitting meditation, but the important thing to remember is that sitting is not the only way to meditate. I prefer to do walking meditation, where you walk slowly and deliberately with bare feet while focusing on the feeling of your soles against the floor. The physical sensation helps to clear my mind more than sitting in a position that becomes cramped. There’s also laughing meditation, if you’d feel comfortable with that! 🙂

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