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We all have dreams. Some of our dreams have probably come true. But what if you have a dream where you just don’t know if it will even happen? Well, my dream is to become a successful blogger and author. I’m not only talking about success as in money but as in helping people. Yes, I would like to pay my bills but I place helping people at a much higher value. No, I’m not writing self-help books. I’m writing about real life and what it’s like dealing with real life. Were always quick to help but we never really give much thought to how we got there. I would like to write all day and read. Yes, it may sound lame but it’s the truth. Right now I’m unemployed so I have more time to work on my books but to be honest I’ve been searching for work more than writing. I know one day that I will publish a book and get to at least a thousand followers on my blog but until then I will continue to put in the hard work and dedication. What are your dreams?

3 thoughts on “Dreams:

  1. Defining your success as a writer in helping people is, I think, a good way to start. It will inspire more passion in you and encourage you to write with an authentic voice rather than trying to follow formulas to create a bestseller.

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  2. It’s good to have a dream that comes from a place of passion and wanting to write books and helping people. That’s passion when it’s for a greater purpose besides money. Keep seeking wisdom and knowledge and work. But don’t forget to also take care of your reality. Don’t let your dreams turn you delusional. For example you needing a job and focusing on that more than righting, makes sense because bills have to be paid (reality). You’re on the right path. All the best I’ll look into more of your content

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