Just my opinion:

I have seen and heard so many people losing their minds to buy gifts for everyone. I’m so confused about why we spend so much money on one day thinking that gifts will make things better. Why wait to show love and appreciation to one day? Christmas is about Jesus it’s not about spending money to make the kids, spouse, and everyone else happy. You can’t buy happiness. You can go into debt for happiness. How many more toys and games do your kids need? How do you explain the stress and all the debt that you have? What about doing something special for the ones you love often. Why wait for the last month of the year? We have gotten away from the real reason for the season. I use to be that parent that had to make sure that I got my kids all the things that they wanted just for them to use for a while and then I’m giving it away. And I had to sit back and think about the real reason for the season. How about giving back? How about making sure that families that don’t have food, clothes and whatever else gets it? Why go into debt just because you feel like you have to be like everyone else? Well, I can’t tell you what to do, but like I said this is just my opinion. I hope your time off and the holiday is good.

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