Your enough:

As a woman, I felt so overwhelmed that I was not good enough. I have never been jealous of women, but lately, I’ve been feeling like why is there so much demand for looking perfect? I’m not perfect in no way. I have always struggled with my body. If you know me you know that I have always been thin and tall. Society makes you feel like you have to have the perfect body to be able to have a great life. Well, that is a lie because every woman that I know is struggling with their body type. Why can’t women just be loved for who they are? Men can walk around with beer bellies, receding hairline and whatever else. No one makes them feel bad about there bodies. But women have to look and be perfect all the time? I say why? I’m going to be me and do me. No more shame in my body, no more shame for other women’s bodies. Love yourself and don’t let anyone make you feel bad about your body. You know whether you need to lose weight, exercise or whatever. Love you and make sure you are good.

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