I’m learning that a lot of things that I’m feeling have to do with my past. It’s a DIS-EASE that I must cure myself of. I have to let go of the past but how? Well, I need to forgive myself for the things that have happened in my past. I have to forgive others for what they did to me. I’m not a victim anymore. I want to be in a more peaceful place in life. I want to love and be loved genuinely. I want to walk with my head held high. I know that there is more to life than being mad about what has happened to me. 2019 has been a lot of ups and downs. But I’m determined to be better no matter what. I’m working on my healing and growing. Life is full of lessons and I’m a student who will learn from these lessons.

2 thoughts on “Growth:

  1. So amazing to read you blog. I would like to invite you to check out my YouTube channel, Conversations with.j. r. Floyd. I have many videos on growth and letting go. May your journey bring you to the peace and healing you desiređź’–

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