Taking me back:

As I look back on this year one thing is true. I didn’t give my all this year. I made a lot of excuses and I failed in a lot of areas. One thing is for sure I keep doing the same thing expecting to get different results. Why is that? Well, I can tell you that from now into 2020 things are about to change with me. I’ve noticed that I give a lot of time and attention to people and things that I shouldn’t. I’m tired of being the friend who reaches out and checks on you while you don’t do the same for me. I’m tired of listening to your problems when you are not there for me when I have problems. I’m not going to ignore this drive that I have to be a better me. I’m not putting me last anymore so that I can make time for people who don’t do the same for me. I’m taking me back. I’m loving me more, having time to myself more. I’m going to write those books that I’ve been putting off. I’m going to go where God leads me. I’m going to say no a lot more from now on. Don’t get me wrong my circle is super small now. I know who will be there for me no matter what. The older that I get the more I notice how people will change. Change is not a bad thing trust me, we are here for people for a season. And maybe your season is up. I’m done neglecting myself to help someone else. I’ve never been a selfish person but I do need to be to save my peace. I’m taking me back and I’m going to be the best version of myself as possible.

2 thoughts on “Taking me back:

  1. Yes to all you have said. I started my journey to declutter my life of all the people places and things that was taking too much of my time and energy leaving nothing for me. I am heading into the 2nd year of the transition and its amazing at the same time it is heart breaking to discover how much people no longer value who I am becoming for me. Keep moving forward

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