Thinking out loud: Again

As the holidays are approaching my mind is wandering to people who won’t get to spend time with the people they love. Mainly my husband. Even before we got married his mother had a problem with me. And it only got worse as the years went on. We have been married now for 9 years and no matter what I do or say we will never be on good terms. My husband hasn’t seen his mom or dad in 2 years. After the blow up that his mom and I had well things changed. It hurts me he doesn’t get to see them. I’ve told him that he can see them but there disrespect for me he doesn’t like. I feel caught between a rock and a hard place. I want him to spend time with them because that is his parents. As they are getting older I want him to be able to see them as much as possible. No I won’t be there but he should. Am I wrong for how I feel or maybe I should leave it alone and let it work itself out on it’s own. I don’t know just thinking out loud.

12 thoughts on “Thinking out loud: Again

  1. Been there, and even though there has been reconciliation with both sides of our extended families, the relationships are strained. Our three kids are 25-31, and because of it, they don’t really have a much of a relationship with anyone outside of our family. I pray it gets better, a God bless!

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  2. I agree that he should go see his parents, if he wants to. In recent years, I’ve realized we’re all responsible for our own relationships, so I see the relationship/lack thereof between you and your in-laws as you and their challenge, not necessarily his. However, I also understand the idea that you’re his wife, and maybe he stands in solidarity with you until they can behave in a civil manner.

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