Thankful: Day 23

I’m thankful for my dad. As many of you know I didn’t grow up with my dad. My parents were married and divorced by the time I was 7. I didn’t have a relationship with my dad until I became an adult. It took some work to get to where we are now. And I must say it was worth it. I remember growing up and my mom would comment about how much like my dad I was. My dad and I have love sports, cooking and being around family and friends. One thing about my dad and I is that we don’t care about fashion. I’m glad that my kids get to have a relationship with my children. I’m blessed to be able to pick up the phone and call my dad and laugh with him. I’m thankful that we have a great relationship.

3 thoughts on “Thankful: Day 23

  1. We have similar experiences. I didn’t raise my son because I was told being a teenage mother I didn’t know what to do. My son is 38. He came back into my life when he was 12. We have an amazing bond. I am thankful to his grandmother who raised him and allowed me to have fill contact. We are so much alike.💖

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