Thankful: Day 3

I’m thankful for my mother. I’m my mother’s only child and some might say that I was spoiled because of being the only child. But trust me that’s not true at all. I’m thankful for my mom because she raised me as a single parent. My parents were married and then got a divorce when I was 7. The divorce was hard on my mom but nevertheless she was always there for me. My mom wasn’t perfect by an means but she was herself at all times. My mom has taught me lessons that I won’t forget. She made sure that I was okay and only wanted the best for me. Tomorrow my mom goes to have surgery and I can’t be there. But what she’s been through and all her sacrifies I love her more than she knows. I’m greatful and thankful for my mom always. Even though we are different my mom has my back. I’m thankful and greatful that God allowed you to be my mother. If your mother is still alive call her, send her flowers and let her know how much you care about her.

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