Do we ever just think about what you say to other’s? Do we just say something to get them to shut up? Or do we really mean what we say? I must admit I’ve been guilty of both. There are times when I want to be in my thoughts and not in conversations. But there are times when meaningful conversations are important. I know we all do it but sometimes I wonder if this person really needed to talk to me and i shut them down. This made me think…..

4 thoughts on “Think:

  1. Yes, sometimes we just want to be in our own thoughts, but we live in a world where we share occupied spaces, particularly in the workplace. I have to admit there are many times where small talk is distracting and mindless drivel and can irritate me to no end. But I also am aware that you never know what a person is going through and perhaps their small talk, annoying talk, irritating talk, distracting talk is a way to be heard, recognized to receive a bit of humanity and compassion. I have my many moments of not being in the mood to listen but who has not been in a position where we needed a listening ear…

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