Know someone:

How many people do you really know? And how many people do you know of? There is a huge difference between knowing someone and knowing of someone. I feel like we talk and share with people we know less then the people we know of. We believe what we hear from people we know of and question people that we know? Why is that? We live in a huge social media world and we believe anything we hear. But when we see things on the social media of people we know why do we question? I feel like we have gotten away from real genuine friendships and have replaced them with unreal friendships of people we don’t know. What’s more important fake friends or real ones? I’m sticking with real friendships.

2 thoughts on “Know someone:

  1. You never really truly know someone. You know what they choose to reveal of themselves. Social media is man-made it can be used for for a purpose but that depends on the user and everyone has their own perspective of what is acceptable. I use it with my perspective of what my interests are. I don’t buy into anything on social media perse if something radiates constant negativity & drama I don’t view nor partake in it. Some people are addicted to social media and it is most certain that depression as well as other mental health issues play a part in it. Social Media is one big advertisement of propaganda and many other social issues both good, bad, fake & indifferent. We must adamently choose what enters into our realm. The quickest way I think is to shut it off….


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