Have you heard the saying I feel stuck between a rock and a hard place? Well that’s me. I feel stuck in my life. I want to step out on faith but I’m not sure how or when. Sometimes enough is enough and you have to stand up for yourself and do what’s right. I’m tired of feeling like I’m not living up to my potential. I’m tired of wasting my time on someone else’s dreams and not making my dreams come true. God create me for a purpose. I like what I do at work but it’s not my passion. Not only that I feel stuck on how to tell someone how I really feel. I don’t want to hurt there feelings but we are not friends and they are very immature. I’ve been very nice to this person but I’m done. I have very little patience with immature adults who want to be babied all the time. Have you ever felt stuck in your life?

2 thoughts on “Stuck:

  1. Yes I’ve felt stuck and I assume many people have experienced being stuck. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Step into your fear, get used to feeling uncomfortable. Ask for help, hire a coach, get an accountability group. You are the deciding factor for the changes you desire in your life. I once read people change through pain, pleasure or by force or choice. But we must also examine our part in being stuck, because we definitely play a part in it. You can do it. In regards to people who are not aligned with our goals let them go. Letting go is freeing and necessary. That means don’t engage with them. No phone, email, text nor physical contact. They will eventually get the message. If it’s a colleague limited interaction & discussions to mutual work related topics only. Don’t make yourself available for anything else.


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