One thing I’ve learned is that people always want you to support them but never support you. Whether they have a business, ideas, goals whatever it maybe. But as soon as you say you have something going on, there to busy. Or you get the common answer all the time, oh I forgot. I have more people I don’t know supporting me then people I do know. I try my best to treat people as fairly as possible but sometimes it gets discouraging. I’m learning to deal with it. Do you lack support from people that you know?

3 thoughts on “Support:

  1. Those people are users and don’t deserve your time nor energy. If you are a giver and I once was a giver who learned the hard way that takers will suck the living life out of you and not bat an eye. I had to take a stand which required me to take a hard look at myself and what I needed to do to put a stop to the takers. One just because I know you doesn’t mean you deserve a seat in my world. If the knowing you means you try to use me for you’re own personal benefit and don’t reciprocate the good will to me at all it’s way past time for me to know you from afar. And If this is the case I’ll cut you off from my presence, time & energy. I rather be among those who truly support me signed giver no more.


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