In my life I’m tired of tolerating people. We make so many excuses why someone acts the way they act and we have to except it. I’m sorry we don’t. If someone is immature there not going to grow up until they want to. If there attitude is bad they won’t change until they are ready. The moral of the story is we need to stop making excuses for people’s bad behavior. I’ve done it for so long but I’m done. We can’t make the world a better place if we continue to stand for foolishness. We are not helping people we are hurting them. We need to do better.

3 thoughts on “Tolerate:

  1. Wow incredibly eerie. I too share some of your sentiments. I’m beyond tired of tolerating people and their irritating, annoying as well as abhorrent behavior. I’ve decided to take a hard stance to not interact nor engage with such people. For those that can’t be totally cut off because of circumstances out of my control I’m devising a plan of action one of which is utilizing a separate space as much as possible, ear buds, and an increase in daily prayer, meditation & mantra. All for peace and peace of mind.


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