As I reflect on my marriage the one thing I wish I could have changed in the first year is to be in the moment. I wasn’t really in the moment. The wedding planning and pictures are all so fun and time consuming. But the day after your married it’s pretty much what now. We have never had a honeymoon, that’s something I wish we could of had. We were living in a new city and it felt like businesses as usual. It was back to work and back to trying to figure things out. We never really got to take the time to really just be in the bliss of marriage. They say that the first year is the honeymoon year. Were your so in love and in awe of each other. But that wasn’t us at all. We had arguments after argument. To be honest I didn’t know if my marriage was going to last the first year. But it did and many more. My marriage didn’t start out how I expected it would. But trust me with time, God and better communication things are much better.

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