Not looking:

I wasn’t interested in a relationship when I met my husband. I had been through enough disappointments to last me a life time. My husband and I worked together on the same team. We became really good friends. We both made it clear to each other that we were not interested in a relationship. But over time feelings began to happen. We both were not sure if we were better off as friends or if we wanted to see where this could go. As you see we took a risk on each other. Our friendship meant everything to us, but the attraction and our bond was stronger. Needless to say we are going strong in our bond and friendship. The most important part of a relationship is the friendship. Without being friends the relationship will be hard. We were not looking for a relationship when we became friends. But what we have now is so much more. When your not looking for someone that’s when you find someone. Love is not perfect but it’s what you put into it.

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