I grew up in a divorced household. My parents divorced when I was seven. Seeing the affects of divorce made me never want to get married. My mom dealt with the hurt, pain and depression because of divorce. But as a child I fully didn’t understand it. But as I got older I learned. When my husband proposed to me I was excited and scared. I didn’t wanna go through a divorce is all I could think about. My husband and I are committed to a divorce is not option rule. Now if there is violence or something that’s not okay then yes. But we are committed to growing our marriage and doing the work. As an adult I’ve grown in my understanding of divorce and it’s affects. Parents it’s just as hurtful going through a divorce for you, but it’s more hurtful for the kids. Talk to your kids to make sure that there okay. I wish my parents would have talked to me because I wasn’t okay for years.

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