Count down to anniversary:

The day of my wedding was the most magical day ever. I felt like a true queen awaiting her king. But one thing I wish I was told before I got married was to cherish this day and remember it. Marriage has been hard for me. The reason behind it is that when you see other married couples and your marriage doesn’t look like there’s you think that you have failed. And to be honest some couples don’t let you see the real them. I should have never kept my eyes on the other couples but should have kept my eyes on my own marriage. See when you start to look at someone else you start to have unrealistic expectations. What works for other couples don’t necessarily work for you. I had to find what fits me and my situation. I wish someone would have told me these things and more. I wish that someone would have said that your gonna have bad times but they don’t last forever. I wish someone would have said that they struggled with being a wife as well. I went into my marriage with unrealistic expectations and I was let down. The wedding day will always be special, but your whole lives as a married couple will be more amazing. Growing and learning together is what it’s truly about. You will have moments where you have missed the mark, but keep aim for greatness it will happen to trust me I’m living proof.

2 thoughts on “Count down to anniversary:

  1. Marriage is not one size fits all each wife & husband will determine what’s best for their union. People don’t stop being who they are within a marriage and just like everything in life there are ebbs and flows, highs and lows.


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