Life alone:

I use to feel like I wanted to do life alone. I was always busy doing for other people that I felt like why be with someone? Who would help me when I needed help? Who would be there to listen to me? I’m always doing for other’s so why would someone want to do for me? But I learned quickly that doing life alone you will feel alone and be alone. Yes you have family and friends but when they are gone it’s just you. So many people are doing life alone because they feel better off. And that shouldn’t be the case. We need to let people know that we care about them and are there for them. No one should ever do life alone that isn’t life at all. So the next time you’re always wanting someone to be there for you. You should ask yourself maybe I should see if they need anything. Let’s be givers not takers.

2 thoughts on “Life alone:

  1. The most answer of good ppl Who will do when we are lost…no one shell DIE alone no one shell Live Love Create Make Doing alone….only thing what we have is to make shore that we dont end alone


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