What to do:

Have you ever been in a helpless situation where you don’t know what to do? I’m there right now. My mom is sick and I wish I could take away her pain and suffering. But I find myself helpless so often. I feel stuck and lonely. I pray and I know I shouldn’t worry but it’s hard right now. I’m trying to get my thoughts together to be strong. But deep down I’m weak. I feel like I’m the parent and she’s the child right now. I know that no matter what she will be okay. But my heart is breaking.

5 thoughts on “What to do:

  1. I am so sorry to hear that, and I will definitely keep her in my prayers. Just know that God is with both of you, and he will help you through this. Just try not to worry too much because He has a plan, and everything will be okay. Best wishes!


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