Have you ever asked someone to help you, but they were to tired. I don’t ask for help a lot but when I do and people don’t want to that hurts. It’s not like I need food or money or anything. All I wanted from this person is time. But they were to tired to give it to me, but wasn’t tired to do what they wanted. No matter how much I try to move out of my comfort zone something like this reals me back in to my zone. Is it petty to be upset about this? Why do I go out of my way for people when they need me but other people can’t do the same? Yes this situation has hurt me and it is a huge learning lesson as well. But I won’t let this lesson stop my growth.

2 thoughts on “Hurt:

  1. I’ve had to learn that we all express and receive love differently. I, too, often feel like I more effort into relationships sometimes than other. I may be needing a kind word, so I make sure I give a kind word to someone I think needs it, but my friends may not realize I need that because they do t normally need it. The need a different method. I don’t know if that makes sense. Just keep being yourself…it’s miserable to try and be anything else! 😊


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