Marriage Growth:

I’m a wife and I don’t have it all figured out. I have struggled to try to understand all that a wife is suppose to be. I’m the wife who is there for you, I cook, clean and do all the wifely duties but there has to be more right? Yes, there is more. What about what made you two fall in love? It’s not all about doing it’s being in the moment with and for each other. Working and praying together is important. Having conversations that will help you grow and learn from one other. Be in the moment with each other. Learn to appreciate the time that you do have. Make sure you’re making each other the best that you can be. I’m not the perfect wife but I’m learning how to grow in my marriage. It’s not about putting on a front that your marriage is great. My marriage has been through all stages, but we are committed to making it last. Marriage takes work and time. We work to make money but anything important should take work.

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