Fear should never hold us back from what we really want. But yet it does. We believe the best but somehow we fear the worst. Why is that? Why don’t we believe in ourselves? It might be because we tell other people our dreams and they doubt you. It might be because we don’t know how to make our dreams come true. Or it just might be your fear holding you back. As I’m writing this I’m among you. I have let fear shake me to my core. I’ve felt like I’m not good enough. I’ve listened to people who said I couldn’t. But if your dreams are bigger than your fears, then who do you listen to? I hope you listen to your dreams. Overcome your fears and put in the work you need to succeed. Don’t let fear make your dreams die. Walk in your calling. Dreams over fears.

4 thoughts on “Fear:

  1. I’m learning to not share my dreams with others. It sounds sad, but every time I’ve shared some exciting news, or progress toward my dream, I get this look like I’m an alien or something. Lol They just don’t get it. It’s not their dream.
    I’m learning to continue working on it in solitude. Let the actions speak for themselves.


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