Someone Else:

Have you ever wanted to change lives with someone? Have you ever wanted your life to be different? Why? So say you do changes places with someone else, would you be able to handle their issues? What about the problems that they don’t tell you about, could you handle that? Just because you think someone else’s life is better doesn’t mean that it is. We all deal with issues differently. There are people who cover their issues by drinking, drugs, shopping, you name it. No one is perfect and if you think that everyone has it all together then that’s not true. I use to want to live someone else’s life until I saw their life up close. It wasn’t pretty at all, but when people don’t see the issues or problems in your life, they think you have the best life. Now I’m not saying that you have to show people your scars and tell them your story, but stop assuming that someone has a better life than you. Because I can guarantee that’s not true. We all handle our issues differently. Stop wanting to live someone else’s life and make your life better. You have the power to do better for yourself. There are no happy ever afters if you don’t do the work.

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