Whoever said marry was easy lied:

Often times we see couples who have been married for years. And they seem so in love after all these years. And I often wonder is it sincere or is it just a good day? Marriage is hard and it takes a lot of work. But some people make it look so effortless. How???? I’m struggling trying to be friend, wife and lover. You would think that almost 9 years of marriage I would have it down right? Wrong. I still feel the pressure of being the wife who does it all. But dang I get tired to. There are times I don’t want to cook, clean or have sex. Does this make me a bad wife? No. But I feel the pressure. Pressure of what you ask? Living up to unrealistic expectations. Who’s expectations? The world’s. It’s mind blowing how someone can seem to have this marriage thing down to a science. Am I doing this right I wonder so many times. Am I the only wife who struggles with this issue? How do so many couples find so much joy so often? What am I missing?

3 thoughts on “Whoever said marry was easy lied:

  1. You’re not doing anything wrong, marriage is hard work. It’s a journey, every day, is another day to just put one foot in from of the other. #KeepDoing… you. Find the joy, in everything; be the best you! Be encouraged, thirsty 31 years, and for me the journey is another to love… one day at a time! Blessings!


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