Alone time:

It’s always great to have some alone time every now and then. So my husband and I are having some alone time on this three day weekend. While my husband is away, I’m going to be reading, writing and doing some much-needed work on myself. Well, that was the ideal for this weekend right. Well, something hit me really hard. My husband and I had gone through a difficult time and it put a lot of things in perspective for me. If I don’t get me together (because I’m only responsible for me) then this could be our life. Not being with my husband scares me to death. I know that a lot of people separate when they are married, but how do they do it? I’m missing my husband like crazy. How do you live separate lives and not see or talk to one another? And then another thought crossed my mind, this is what divorce could look like. Well, divorce is not an option for us, but still, time apart puts a lot of things in perspective. My husband gets on my nerves, just like I get on his, but I can’t see my life without him. I feel like if more married couples were apart for a weekend it would put more things in perspective. I’m learning that I need to cherish my husband and our time more. I want a happy, healthy and fun marriage. We both have full-time jobs and we are working on separate projects, but your marriage should come first. I don’t want to ever feel like what I’m feeling right now. I know that we are good. But trust me when you have someone who makes you laugh, makes you think outside the box and loves being with you, you have a keeper. Plus he’s my best friend. So couples have your alone time and come back together refreshed and ready to take your marriage and life to another level.

2 thoughts on “Alone time:

  1. This is so true! I think having breaks away from each even if it’s for a day or 2 is so healthy. It can be daunting being away from your partner but it allows you focus on yourself & enjoying our own company. When we are better, the relationship becomes more healthy & you appreciate the other way more. Great reminder thank you

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