True Love:

It’s interesting that many people state that you only have one true love in your life. But here’s where I get confused at. If you only get one true love in your life, then why do people marry multiple times? Are we searching for something that’s unattainable? Do we have unrealistic expectations? What’s your definition of true love? Is there such a thing as true love? Honestly, I would say yes to this question. And here’s why. In every season of our life, we become different. One season you may be okay with something and the next season your not. Do you think you can only have one true love, no? And the reason why I say no is because of this. I don’t think God created only one person for us. I believe that there are multiple people for us but only certain ones we meet at certain points in our lives. I have seen widows who have married the love of their lives and their spouse passes away. And they remarry and say that their new spouse is their true love. Can you have more than one true love? I believe it’s possible.
Please let me know what you think about this topic.

2 thoughts on “True Love:

  1. Love it stands by feelings what we say I love you but somehow its not just about love what i learned….the thing is when u cant live without that person but u dont know do u love him.


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