As I’m sitting here this morning, I’m aware of the fact that I’m afraid of some things. I’m afraid of loving someone and not getting that same kind of love back. I’m afraid of being me, because people always have an issue with you being you. I’m afraid to step out on faith. I’m afraid of not trusting God enough. I’m afraid of I’m not being good enough. As I’m sitting here writing this I’m learning that I need to have more faith in God and myself. I need to learn that I’m good enough. I know that I shouldn’t be afraid of certain things, but it’s how I feel right now. I know I will get over this, but it’s going to take baby steps.

3 thoughts on “Afraid:

  1. The beauty of this post is the vulnerability, awareness and desire to change for you. Love this. It does take baby steps which is progress. I too have doubts and fears, especially regarding not being loved back as you pour so much of self into others. We both will continue to grow as we continue to assess and strive for the positive, the progressive, and the things that give us joy and hope. You got this.

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