It hurts:

It hurts to see what you have become
A silly little child a restless bum
I watched you grow from a baby to a man
And what I really don’t understand
Is where I went wrong
It troubles me so
You were on the right path
But now I don’t know
I don’t understand why you don’t care so much
Your life is so precious, but you don’t give a fuck
As a mother, it hurts me to see
What your life could have been
But now I watch what your life is to be

4 thoughts on “It hurts:

      1. We all have difficulties in our lifes and bad ones. Sometimes we have to be silent and let the storm pass by sometimes it hurts but that’s the life i guess.


  1. Trying ti stay true to yourself, is so so hard, especially when underlying conditions, unknowingly kinda force you into making poor decision..

    Life as some of us no , is far from been a level playing field..


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