Let’s talk:

What do you do when everything in your life isn’t perfect? How do you let feelings out in away that is healthy? I’m dealing with life, and I’m not sure what direction to take. Life isn’t all peaches and cream. When your going through the storm you become consumed with the problem but often times we forget who has the solution. God has the solution. Put your focus on him and not on your problems. God will always work it out for you. The storm might be in your life right now, but it won’t stay forever.

2 thoughts on “Let’s talk:

  1. I can say is no one knows how perfect life looks like. I know by my perspective of life and dealing with problems is well known how physically and mentally can hit. I been talked to someone about GOD related article but i never put god in front of problems and and life, because when i say god i think about sins what he can judge or bless. We all know problems can be solved sooner or later but nothing is perfect. Maybe one day…..will be….


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