My friend: Part 5

So he’s grown and has a wife and kids. But he still deals with the same issues. He has talked to counselors about this issue and yet it still exists. At work, some of his co-workers talk to him, but he finds that some of the conversation stalls because he doesn’t always know what to say. He’s invited out to lunch but it’s the social anxiety that still gets him. What do I say? How do I jump in the conversation? Why do I have to say good morning no one says anything back. What am I doing wrong?

One thought on “My friend: Part 5

  1. Dont put your self in position ”What you are doing wrong” exactly….its not on you its on them that is the issue of us who thinks the problem is we, but its the opposite. They have to deal with them self the problem they have sometimes we cant do nothing without let it them doing them selfs. I know its harsh but thats what u have to put in your mind and think…


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