My friend: Part 3

After a while of years of dealing with social anxiety and depression comes in. You may get uplifted at home, but what happens when you leave home? Are people that disinterested in you if your not like them? Everyone struggles with something but people who struggle with being social are looked at differently. They are looked at as weird, crazy and murders. But they are not. Yes, some people who are loners have done things like this, but for the most part, many of them live in the silence of there struggles. How are they to coop with this? They are not anti-social they just struggle with being social and how to fit in. Why do we just overlook them or ignore them?

2 thoughts on “My friend: Part 3

  1. I been seen so many times talking with people around and first expression was WOOOW cool nice etc, but suddenly they changing there minds and talking badly. That is why we are social disconnected and scared mostly, maybe from rejection or something else ??? No one knows who thinks and what. Nice article good job šŸ™‚


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