Whether it’s tears of joy or tears of pain. All I know is that these tears stain. All I wanted was the best for you, now your grown what can I do. I pray for you daily and that my pain will go away. I know it’s hard but I’ll be okay. My silent tears no one sees my pains to great you must believe. I know pray will change things but these hard lessons no joy will bring. I tried my best to do all I can but now your grown and also a man. No longer a child and not under my roof I pray that you will always know the truth. Your loved by many and many people want to see you fail. They say they love you but laugh when you fail. Never around when you need them most. Just ghost in the air another life joke. It’s cool to be grown and do what you do, but remember your actions have consequences too. I know that your better than you believe I will always have your back this you can believe. They say that lessons are hard learned, I pray that you change before I mourn. I want you to succeed with everything in me. But you have to believe that you can do it to. I know I shouldn’t worry and put up a fuss. My baby not a baby and I have to let go.

2 thoughts on “Tears:

  1. Wow. That was beautiful Colleen. Write from the heart. Feel the words. You’re growing and getting better and better. Best is yet to come.


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