Me VS Her: Part 1

I’m a true Gemini to the heart I guess you can say. There are truly two sides to me. There is the nice sweet me and then there is the set it off me lol. This is a story of me vs. her.
I’m very humbled, down to earth, fun, loving, married, mother of three, free spirit, just going with the flow of life. To me, I’m boring compared to her.

She’s feisty, take no prisoner, spontaneous, back talker, no strings attached, makes her own rules, lives life like it’s golden, not ashamed of her sexiness.
Now how to do combined me and her together? Is she my alter ego? How can I have more of her and less of me? Well, you will just have to stay tuned. Can I become her and still be me? Your just going to have to follow me on this strange journey of Me vs. Her.

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