This parenting thing:

I hadn’t planned on writing or posting today, but I decided to. See as a parent when you have grown children you want the very best for them because you see the potential in them. But I struggle with when to really voice my opinion and let them fall. I don’t want my children to go down the same path as me and trust me all the people who say that they are your friends are not. People will just hang around you to make sure that you go nowhere, other’s will hang around you because you are going somewhere and other’s will be there no matter what. I pray daily that my children know the difference in who they hang out with. But as a parent, I’m at crossroad because you see your child not being there best. If you want something more in life you have to stop using excuses and go for what you want. Trust me life is short and people are here for a season and a reason. If someone doesn’t like you bettering yourself then you need to leave that person alone. But understand there will be people cheering you on, listening to your frustration, but don’t stop the path you’re trying to go to say you went here or done that. You will look around and half your life is gone and all your so-called friends are gone, and now your questioning what have you done with your life? It pains me to see one of my children not living to there full potential. But I understand that they are grown, and I pray that they will get there life together. I only want the best for my children and do anything to help, but help first has to come from self. I’m a parent just trying to figure it all out.

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